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Family Update – October 2018

Here is what my little ones have been up to and the funny things they’ve said in the past month or so. I cheated with the photos and used some of my favourites from our trip to France in August. 

Wriggly (4 years 4 months)

  • You love party dresses and will not wear anything else, even for a walk in the woods, a trip to the trampoline park or a lazy day at home. Sequins, dresses with frilly under layers, white dresses: they get worn every day with you!
  • You started school last month. On the first few days of Reception, you literally had to be peeled off me but you now go in with a big smile on your face and a spring in your step.
  • After I suggested for the umpteenth time maybe you could wipe your own bottom after a #2, you replied: “Do you know why I want YOU to wipe my bottom? Because I don’t know where my bottom is.” Erm what?
  • When I hinted you put the nail polish away after you’d generously covered my nails with two layers of various colours, you exclaimed, shocked, “But you need to be fashion!” I’m not sure I ever want to ‘be fashion.’ 
Jumpy (5 years 11 months)

  • One day, all of a sudden, you exclaimed, “I love the smell of motorbike fumes.” Really?
  • As we were listening to ‘Ticket to Ride’ by the Beatles, you corrected “She don’t care,” shouting “it’s she doesn’t care!” every single time. Who knows, you might be becoming a grammar pedant like your mummy!
  • “Do you know why I want to go to school? New shoes!”
  • You’re becoming really picky. You used to eat anything I gave you but at the moment, you’re barely touching your food. At times, you even insist on being hand fed by me when I beg you to eat a few mouthfuls.
  • You love being helpful and you’re always the first one to volunteer to vacuum, tidy up or cook with me. 

Beanie (8 years old)

  • A few weeks ago, you became Dogmummy to lovely Golden Retriever pup Hector. You even have a certificate (proudly displayed by your bed) to prove it. 
  • After your first day in Year 3, you declared: “This was my best day of school ever!”
  • As you were washing dishes, you announced: “Mummy, I might want to be a dishwasher when I grow up. Do you know why? Because I love washing dishes.” Well, what can I say? Fill your boots, my darling!
  • At the end of your first week at the Junior school, you came home beaming: you’d been elected by your classmates to represent them in the School Parliament. You’ve been taking your new role very seriously.
  • You turned 8 a couple of weeks ago. Eight years old! Your Poppy came all the way from Devon to celebrate with us. You had a fun laser tag party with a few friends and on your birthday, your closest friends and their mums came for lunch and a play. It couldn’t have been more perfect. 
  • After years of asking for a pet, we took you to Pets at Home the day before your birthday and came home with Mr Nibbles the dwarf hamster. He is the best pet you could have dreamt of and we’re all completely besotted with our furry friend. 

Crevette (10 years 2 months)

  • How can you be in Year 6 already? I remember myself in CM2 (the French equivalent) like it was yesterday…
  • We’ve been looking at secondary schools and I love the fact you know exactly what you like and what you don’t like. 
  • You took the 11+ exam in your stride and didn’t look one bit worried as you went in. You know it’s just a formality and were not that fussed about the selective schools in our area but you still made me really proud staying as cool as a cucumber. 
  • We had a really nice bike ride together after the exam. 
  • When I told you I was thinking of applying for a part-time job in a school, you asked me to wait until you start secondary school so I could get a job in your school. That way, I could be your teacher. Gosh I love you. You were indignant when I suggested you might be ashamed of me as a teenager. When you declared, “I’m not going to be a moody teenager.” I asked you whether I could quote you on that and you agreed. We shall see little man, we shall see.
  • You thought a Croque Monsieur was called a  “Crotte Monsieur” (crotte is the French for poop) causing hilarity. I just couldn’t stop laughing.
  • You’ve been OK about going back to swimming training. I think you might have turned a corner with the intensive sessions.
Little Hearts, Big Love

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