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Jumpy is Two and a Lazy Day Foods Giveaway!

Yesterday was Jumpy’s second birthday. We are having a Halloween party to celebrate with friends on Tuesday and everything I will serve will be free from eggs, wheat, dairy and nuts.

That means quite a bit of planning and I have to admit I did not even consider baking a cake to celebrate yesterday. She had birthday pancakes for breakfast after her birthday apple and I think birthday breakfast is fast becoming a tradition in our house!

Luckily, Lazy Day Foods sent us lots of goodies for my little girl’s birthday so we had yummy cake to put candles on after our dinner. Jumpy was over the moon when I brought the Rocky Road and Peppermint slice to the table. She enjoyed getting lots of attention, opening her cards, getting a few presents and most of all, blowing candles.

Lazy Day Foods as Birthday Cake

We normally keep Jumpy’s ‘free from’ treats for her to enjoy but this time, we all had a slice. Crevette did not like either flavour, but everyone else enjoyed their dessert.

The Peppermint Slice is minty and fresh. My girls both ate their half-slice in under five minutes and it was my mum’s favourite. I loved the taste but I found it too dry for dessert and would enjoy it more as a snack with a cup of herbal tea.

The Rocky Road, with its brownie-like texture, is definitely my favourite out of all the Lazy Day Foods products. It is gooey, chewy, chocolaty, has a bit of a crunch and you cannot tell it is ‘free from’. I ate three slices whilst chatting with my mum yesterday night. I had another slice as I was writing about it. I cannot stand dried fruit, but the sultanas and cherries do not bother me at all in the Rocky Road.  It could easily pass as homemade and it almost did a couple of weeks ago!

Lazy Day Foods

I always try my best to make our food from scratch, but whenever I need a treat for Jumpy and have not had time to make anything; I use Lazy Day Foods’ goodies. We recently went to a birthday party, and I brought ‘free from’ cake for Jumpy and other guests on exclusion diets to enjoy.

The lemon muffins I made were not a big hit, but I received some compliments about the gluten-free vegan carrot cake I had made. I had also put a few slices of Lazy Day Foods’ Rocky Road on the plate. Four people asked me for the recipe! I laughed, and told them they could find them ready-made in the supermarket!

One of the guests at the party was vegan and she was delighted when I told her that Lazy Day Foods had recently converted from a standard marshmallow to a Vegan one for their Rocky road.

I have said it before and I will say it again: we are huge fans of Lazy Day Foods in this house. My first ever review and giveaway a few months ago was with them and when I gave birth to Wriggly in June, Sally and Emer surprised us by sending us a parcel full of goodies. If that is not thoughtful, I have no idea what is!


  1. Jemma Hunt
    25/11/2014 / 12:05 am

    Crunchy peanut butter on toast

  2. Michael Rattray
    25/11/2014 / 12:17 am

    Chocolate biscuits

  3. 28/11/2014 / 10:15 pm

    Having dips with pringles, pitta bread and cucumber.

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