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Learning about Espionage, Geography & Politics with Lonely Planet Kids (& a Giveaway)

Hubby is a geographer and I am a linguist so I guess travelling came naturally to both of us. We explored a fair few countries together. In fact, we spent every spare penny on our adventures around the world before we had children, from Rwanda to Fiji to Iceland. Every time we went somewhere new, I would get a couple of travel books so we could learn more about the country we were about to discover.

When we were planning our round trip to the Highlands recently, I bought Lonely Planet’s Scotland’s Highlands & Islands to create the perfect holiday for our little family and get more from our trip. Those guides are reliable, full of tips and they are a must to find out what cannot be missed and where hidden treasures are, so when Lonely Planet asked us whether we wanted to review their range of books aimed at children, we were on board straight away.

We received our ‘Lonely Planet Kids’ books last week, when we got back from Inverness.

Lonely Planet Kids

Not surprisingly, the one that appealed the most to Beanie was You Rule. If my girl does not become a comedian, she will probably lead some country, or possibly create her own!

Although she is only five, my little lady knows what she wants in life and she requested we read a few pages that looked appealing to her. The language used was aimed at older children (I would say Year 4 onwards) but I simplified explanations for her and she was really interested in the whole process of finding unclaimed land, creating a country, setting boundaries, protecting the land, choosing laws etc.


I particularly liked Adventures Around the Globe, and when we go to France for Christmas, I will definitely take it along. It is packed with maps, activities, stickers, colouring pages and information. Even Jumpy, who is only 3, can take part in the fun, with the help of her older siblings and anything that keeps my children entertained and having fun together on the ferry to France is a winner in my eyes!

The book that has received the most interest at home is How to be an international SPY. With a seven year old boy at home, it is hardly surprising, especially since his dad loves pretending he is a spy himself (do not ask!).

As soon as he looked at the book, Crevette wanted to know more about spies. He has been reading (devouring) the book all week. He was intrigued as soon as he started finding out about espionage and what a spy was. He was really interested by the fact there can be ‘good’ and ‘bad’ spies, depending which side you are on. He has also been learning about spies in History.

He was fascinated by invisible ink, creating a fingerprinting kit and code breaking. Much Blu Tack was used to take prints of our teeth (as you do), coins, intricate designs on my necklaces, hairbrushes… My little man has turned into a spy!

We are definitely getting this book for our 10 year old nephew this Christmas!

The Travel Book promises “a journey through every country in the world.”

It is full of child-friendly information, brilliant visuals (photos and illustrations) as well as interesting and entertaining facts. One page (no more, no less) is dedicated to every country in the world. It is perfect for inquisitive children and parents alike. It does not tell you everything there is to know about each country, but again, it is aimed at children and the snippets they get will encourage them to learn more and carry out some research if they want to know more.

It is also brilliant to gather a few ice-breakers like this one: Did you know that the Congo was the deepest river in the world? “You could stack two statues of Liberty on top of one another and they’d still be submerged.”

Here is another good one: It was Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza (Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1662-85) “who introduced the habit of drinking tea to Britain.” Who knew!

“The Louvre is the largest museum in the world.”

Just one last one: There is an underwater post office in Vanuatu. From there, you can send waterproof postcards!

To find out more about Lonely Planet Kids, you can visit their Facebook page or watch my little man’s video:

You could win a selection of ‘Lonely Planet Kids’ books.

How to enter the giveaway:
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Entries are open until 23.59 p.m. GMT time on 24 November 2015. Good luck!

A Selection of Lonely Planet Kids Books

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