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Me and… Dresses!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved wearing pretty dresses and high heels. I think it all started when I was just one. Being a flower girl does that to you, doesn’t it? When I was seven or eight, I would dream of big dresses and huge ballrooms in Vienna, then as a teenager, I kept dreaming I could attend the Bal des débutantes in Paris. Just for the dress.

Me and Dresses... Flower Girl

A few years later and the big dress came on my wedding day, although half of it was missing when it was time to put it on, but that is a story for another day. There was not compromising, I would get my big princess dress! I thought I would spend months and months looking for a dress and I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted. Little did I know that I would buy the first dress I tried, in a small boutique in Paris. I did not even want to try that dress, but the owner of the shop insisted as she thought it would suit me. I could not take my eyes off the dress after that!

Me and Dresses... Wedding Day

My handsome granddad and I on my wedding day!

My love of dresses never faltered. These days, the dresses are not as big as the outfits of my teenage dreams, but they are more colourful and rather smart. Any excuse to dress up and you can count me in!

I was invited to attend Ladies Day at Cheltenham Racecourse, which takes place on Wednesday 11th March. Unfortunately, I cannot make it (sad face!), but I still decided to enter their #ColourMeMarch competition as it is nice and simple: all you have to do is share a photo of what you would wear on the day. Click here for more information.

Me and Dresses... pink dress & Black Fascinator

I think I would hesitate between the hot print dress with fascinator, clutch and open-toe heels I wore at my friend Cé’s wedding,

Me and Dresses... Cé's Wedding

and my new polka dot dress with pops of green and yellow.

Me and Dresses... Polka Dots, Yellow & Green

Which of these outfits would you choose?


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  1. adeline
    06/03/2015 / 9:31 am

    et moi j’ajouterai les nu-pieds avec les ongles assortis et impeccables!!!!!!!

    • Mel
      06/03/2015 / 2:48 pm

      Oui, c’est vrai hi hi hi!

  2. evatorocoro
    06/03/2015 / 11:21 am

    Tu est très belle Mel ! Tu as bien raison de aimée les robes, elles te vont à merveille. Ton grandpa a beaucoup de charme et t’étais ravissante le jour de ton mariage.
    Moi, c’est un peu le contraire, quand j’étais petite j’étais une vraie garçon manqué! Maintenant je met des robes mais j’adore les pantalons.

    • Mel
      06/03/2015 / 10:17 pm

      J’aime aussi les pantaloons, mais quand je vais au travail, rien de tel qu’une robe et de jolies chaussures!

  3. Julie's Family Kitchen
    06/03/2015 / 6:00 pm

    Mel your wedding picture is just lovely. As for the other dresses, wow they both are fab, it’s hard to choose. x

    • Mel
      06/03/2015 / 10:29 pm

      Thanks. I love that photo of my granddad and I. x

  4. 06/03/2015 / 6:25 pm

    Your wedding dress is stunning. I love the two dresses that you would consider for Ladies Day but the polka dot one is my favourite – love the pops of green in it 🙂

    • Mel
      06/03/2015 / 9:31 pm

      Thanks Louise! I have to say the pink one is gorgeous but it looks like it needs ironing after being worn for a couple of minutes. The Precis material stays flawless no matter how many times you sit down. Wriggly smeared food all over me after my meeting last week, and a quick wipe sorted it out!

  5. Adorna
    06/03/2015 / 6:36 pm

    I love the polka dot dress, liked it the other day when you wore it. Looks fantastic. Cheersxx

    • Mel
      06/03/2015 / 11:03 pm

      Thanks Adorna!

  6. 06/03/2015 / 11:00 pm

    Your wedding dress was gorgeous! Looking forward to reading what happened to half of it.

    • Mel
      06/03/2015 / 11:02 pm

      Well the dress itself was there, but everything else was in Paris, 100 miles away (veil, big frilly things that go under the dress). x

  7. 07/03/2015 / 1:32 am

    Stunning lady, I love your wedding dress, it’s not dissimilar to my second wedding dress (same man but I had 2 weddings-one English in SA and the other Greek here) but my dress was from Paris by designers Cymbaline-I loved it. Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday

    • Mel
      07/03/2015 / 1:37 am

      Two weddings… you know how to celebrate, I grant you that! I would love to see your wedding dresses.

    • Mel
      08/03/2015 / 12:52 am

      Thanks lovely… although I wouldn’t wear that flower girl dress again!

  8. 07/03/2015 / 4:16 pm

    You are one super stylish, utterly beautiful lady. What a fab post xxx

    • Mel
      09/03/2015 / 12:08 am

      Thanks hun, you’re so kind! You should see me know, far from stylish on the sofa in my pyjamas, he he!

      • 09/03/2015 / 9:18 am

        Tee hee, sounds familiar! No selfies in that ensemble 😉

  9. 07/03/2015 / 11:42 pm

    Gorgeous wedding dress, and I can’t decide between the other two… I am a fan of polka dots though 🙂

    • Mel
      08/03/2015 / 12:49 am

      I do love polka dots, too. Can you tell?

  10. 17/03/2015 / 6:59 pm

    Gosh, a seriously tough choice Mel – you look fabulous in both! Your wedding dress was amazing. Seriously beautiful. I think I would probably opt for the hot pink one if I had to choose though.

    • Mel
      22/03/2015 / 12:41 pm

      Thanks my lovely. I have to say I have a soft spot for the pink one!

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