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Messy Play in the Bath

I have said it before: I am not a fan of messy play. I still want my children to grow up having fun and getting opportunities to get dirty just for fun.

My mum bought them finger paints and stamps in the summer. I was dreading the time they would ask to play with them to be honest. As they asked paint the bath on Thursday night, I thought those paints would be perfect! I let them paint the bath before and they loved it!

Messy Play in the Bath - Finger Paints

I gave them the paints, the stamps and three paintbrushes.

Messy Play in the Bath - Stamps

After they got undressed, they went in the empty bathtub, with instructions to paint the bath only, not the whole bathroom!

Messy Play in the Bath - Painting the Bath

As they were washable finger paints, I was not worried about them getting paint all over themselves.

Messy Play in the Bath - Messy


They had the time of their life, and even painted each other!


Once they had had enough, I have them soap to clean themselves as well as the bath and I rinsed them quickly.

We then filled the bath, adding lots of bubble bath to end on a fun not and make sure there was no paint left anywhere. Apart from a bit of soap in their eyes, it was all giggles and smiles!

Messy Play in the Bath - Bubbles

It was simple, improvised fun and even though it was a particularly messy activity, it did not leave anything for me to tidy; just a shiny bath and three clean kids!



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