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Mummy Makes Milk

My little man’s reading is getting better and better. He reads a story to his sisters most nights now and we all enjoy this reasonably quiet time before the children go to bed.

His confidence is growing. If he is narrating a story he knows well, he adds expression to his tone of voice as he pretends to be scared, surprised or excited, to match the tone of the story.

A few months ago, I read a review of Mummy Makes Milk on Kiran’s blog, Mummy Says. Kiran kindly sent me the book as a present and we all loved it straight away.

The story is about Archie, who has just become a big brother. As his mum breastfeeds his sister, Archie has questions, just like my children had when Wriggly was born. The answers are simple enough to be understood by little ones and arouse their interest.

Before we read the book, I asked Crevette (6 years 4 months) what he knew about feeding his baby sister.

He thought about it for a minute and here is what he said: “When mummy eats food, the food goes into the milk so rather than having normal food she has the food in the milk. She needs to eat two or three times a day.”

At that point, Beanie (4 years 2 months) interrupted, “Just read the book!”

Crevette continued, unfazed: “Mummy eats tomatoes then it goes into here (points at breasts) then baby eats tomatoes.”

I read the book to Crevette and Beanie as I was nursing Wriggly.

Me: “What do you know now that you didn’t know before?”
Crevette: “I didn’t know that you had to feed her a lot, like five or six times a day. I didn’t know that dogs, giraffes, elephants or dolphins could make milk for their babies.”
At this point, Beanie interrupted: “Does mouses make milk?”

Mummy Makes Milk - Learning

Me: “What do you think about the pictures?”
Crevette: “The mummy and daddy look funny!
Me: “In what way?”
Crevette: “The hair, the eyes, the mouth look funny. I like the hair on the mummy. The pictures are colourful. I like the colours.”

Mummy Makes Milk - Colourful Illustrations

We all love the book. The illustrations, by Hilda Kripp-Partridge, are unusual, quirky and colourful. Helen McGonigal’s text is informative yet pitched perfectly towards a young audience.

Mummy Makes Milk - Big Brother Reading to his Sisters


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