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No School Place… and a Love Affair

I have a confession to make. I have been unfaithful to Hubby. I have just checked my diary (Yes, I write a diary. No I am not 12). It all started at my friend’s house on 18 April 2012. Just like today for Beanie, that day was the day we found out about school allocations for our first born, Crevette.

That night, I was devastated. I had received an email saying that my little boy had not been offered a place at any of the three schools we had considered and spent so much time researching. He was left in limbo. I had no idea this could happen.

I knew not getting a place could happen of course, if you made the daft choice of opting only for oversubscribed schools miles away from your home. That was not our case. We had applied for our closest catholic schools and my only worry was that we might not get our first choice. How wrong was I?

As a parent, you dream of giving your children the best start in life they could possibly get. You love them and nurture them. You make decisions on their behalf. I had made these decisions with Hubby. We had failed. We had let our baby down.

Feeling completely out of control for the first time as a parent was a shock; it was devastating. I cried and cried and cried, for days, weeks, months, putting together appeal cases and then withdrawing them at the last minute, because we did not have a case. It so happened that the year Crevette was born; an awful lot of other babies were born. As simple as that. Had he been born five weeks later, he would have had a place at one of our chosen schools.

Finding out Crevette did not have a place was a tad surreal. I remember the event all too clearly. Hubby had stopped at the corner shop to buy me some milk and I was in the car, quickly checking my emails. I had to read this one quite a few times:


I am writing to offer Crevette a place at the worst school in the area. This place is available from September.”

I had never heard of the school and browsed the internet straight away. I found out that
1) The school was 1.9 miles away from home. At the time, I was pregnant with my third baby and Hubby was using our car to go to work. There was no direct bus route between our house and the school.

2) I read the school’s Ofsted report that night, and basically found out that very few children attended the school. The essence of the report was that it was a failing school, with poor leadership. The general idea of the report was that the children were not learning much, and the teachers could not care less.

We refused the place an hour later and decided that I was going to home-school Crevette. A few days later, it turned out that a lot of people had been left in our position. There were a lot more children in our area than there were school places. Things were put in place so that three bulge classes had to be created in our local area to ensure all children actually had a school in September.

Those schools were all within walking distance and a couple of months later, Crevette had a place at our closest Infant school. I have just seen the email confirming that Beanie now has a place at the same school. It was not the school we would have chosen. We wanted our children to have a Catholic education, but at the end of the day, Crevette is learning a lot and most importantly, he is happy at school.

Anyway, I digress. I was telling you about my naughty little love affair and I got carried away. So, on the night I found out about Crevette not having a school place, I was off to a friend’s house to do some scrapbooking. It was a weekly session, during which we were chatting, drinking coffee, looking at each other’s photos and crafting together. I loved it.

I almost cancelled that night but Hubby insisted I went. I cried a lot. I moaned a lot. To cheer me up, my friend tried changing the conversation and told me about that thing she was a member of. It was some sort of website on which you could find ideas about pretty much anything and everything, and as she was showing me her account, I felt giddy with excitement…

When I got home that night, I tried registering. Pinterest was an ‘invite only’ social media platform. I could not wait to have a browse and save ideas, projects, recipes, but I could not. It took two days for me to be officially invited. It was love at first sight. I spent evening after evening drooling over recipes, getting inspiration for baby photos, looking for ways to clean my dishwasher naturally, marvelling at people’s beautiful interiors. I had never been hooked on social media, but the highly visual platform became my little bit on the side.

I was spending hours looking for fun activities to do with the kids, simple but delicious recipes, crafting ideas. I was not just looking; I was making loads of new things and I loved it. Pinterest is one of the reasons I started Le Coin de Mel. Without it, I would never have known there were so many blogs out there. I was still buying cookbooks and craft books for inspiration at the time. It had never occurred to me that people were sharing their little projects online.

Pinterest is still the one social media platform on which I can spend hours and over the past few months, my following has grown quite a bit. It so happens that my account was featured as a ‘Pinner to Follow’ a few months ago. Basically, whoever signs up to Pinterest will see ‘Le Coin de Mel’ as a pinner worth following. In effect, it means that lots of my followers are complete newbies and do not necessarily get engaged all that much, but finding out I had been featured was a dream come true.

If you want to follow me, I can be found there:

Visit Le Coin De Mel’s profile on Pinterest.

I created shared boards, and I until a few days ago, I was only accepting friends as contributors. I have now decided to accept fellow pinners to three of my boards, a foodie one (Food Blogging Community), one for days out (Children… Days out) and a creative one.

If you would like to be invited, all you have to do is follow all my boards, send me an email with your blog details and link to your Pinterest account, and I will happily add you as a contributor if what you pin and/or blog about fits the board.

The rules are simple. All I ask is that you share the love.
– If you pin one of your projects, repin at least one of the other pins from the board onto your own boards. Pin other bloggers’ pins, help them promote their work.
– Before you join the board, follow everyone who contributes to the board. We are all part of a big community and there is enough space for all of us online!

Who is with me?

Please excuse the irrelevant photo. Hubby is asleep and he has no idea I am writing this post. I needed to apologise to him for leading anyone to believe I would ever cheat on him. He is not complaining too much about this ménage à trois with Pinterest, so I thought I would share a photo of one of his favourite places. It was taken in Devon on my birthday the first time he took me there. We had only been dating for a month, and I loved finding out about the stunning area he grew up in. I also met his entire family that week-end!


 The Reading Residence 
And then the fun began...


  1. 17/04/2015 / 6:38 am

    You my darling girl are AWESOME! #justsaying

    • Mel
      17/04/2015 / 6:57 am

      Not as awesome as you! xxx

  2. 17/04/2015 / 9:19 am

    Love it, and love the random photo, it looks gorgeous 🙂

    • Mel
      18/04/2015 / 12:27 am

      Thanks Iona. South Devon is such a beautiful part of the world.

  3. 17/04/2015 / 12:26 pm

    Haha a cheeky post! I love Pinterest! I also get lost in there. The escape that it is giving me is amazing! #pocolo

    • Mel
      18/04/2015 / 12:26 am

      It is, isn’t it? I can spend hours on there and time goes so quickly!

  4. The Free From Fairy
    17/04/2015 / 12:42 pm

    You so totally rock dude! I love Finding Nemo…sorry!! Not sure I can offer tips on Pinterest although I wish I could. I am rubbish at it!!! Although I love it!

    • Mel
      17/04/2015 / 1:04 pm

      Finding Nemo?

      • The Free From Fairy
        17/04/2015 / 1:56 pm

        You have 4 kids and you have never watched it????

        • Mel
          17/04/2015 / 2:01 pm

          I have… about 224 times, but I can’t see why you mentioned it. Please explain. I am so sleep-deprived I cannot think!

  5. 17/04/2015 / 12:55 pm

    What a story! And what a special way to have got started on Pinterest, and then blogging. Happy to be contributing to your post, and I can’t wait to read it – I’m sure to Pin it! And I’d love invites to those boards, too, whenever you have a moment x Thanks for with #WotW

    • Mel
      17/04/2015 / 1:03 pm

      Thanks for your contribution for the post. I have just invited you to the three boards my lovely. x

      • 17/04/2015 / 1:07 pm

        Got it, thanks! I’ve followed all other contributors, a lovely way to find new people, and I’d best get pinning! x

        • Mel
          17/04/2015 / 1:46 pm

          I have just pinned loads of your pins! Great stuff lovely!

  6. 17/04/2015 / 3:50 pm

    You are amazing lady, the fact you were ‘pinning’ in real life before you actually pinned is testament to your talent and passion and suitability for this wonderful platform. I love Pinterest, it feels the most intimate sm platform out there, thanks so much for inspiring me to get back to it (I absolutely loved it but stopped for quite a long time-cheating with twitter) but once I did return, within literally a week, Pinterest got in touch and now I’m working with George Northwood thanks to them, and they’ve featured my boards, such an honour. Thanks also for becoming a real friend through this blogging world- when we met at Blog Camp last year, I felt like I’d known you forever. Keep pinning girl, mwah x

    • Mel
      18/04/2015 / 12:23 am

      How could you cheat with Twitter? I have to say you are the one who motivated me to sign up to Twitter just over a year ago, I was scared of it because of what I had heard about it through the media, but I love it now and could not imagine myself without it. Looking forward to a good catch-up next week. x

  7. Julie's Family Kitchen
    17/04/2015 / 6:53 pm

    One of my fave blogs and a Pinterest super star. xx

    • Mel
      18/04/2015 / 12:14 am

      Thanks my lovely!

  8. 17/04/2015 / 6:41 pm

    Love the photo ..(and your blog!)…it’s one of Nanas favourite places too.

    • Mel
      18/04/2015 / 12:13 am

      Thanks for reading Alison! Hope we see you soon. x

  9. 17/04/2015 / 9:57 pm

    Very good title. I had to read. First, I was really surprised to hear that you cheated on your husband and tell the world but now that I know that it’s with Pinterest, I feel better.

    • Mel
      18/04/2015 / 12:22 am

      He he, I did hesitate with the title!

  10. 18/04/2015 / 8:44 am

    Well I’m shocked!! (although I’m pretty sure your husband may have cottoned into this affair by now and he’s stuck by you so I think you’ll be OK) 🙂

    • Mel
      21/04/2015 / 8:29 am

      He he! He wasn’t sure what to expect when he saw the title!

      • 21/04/2015 / 1:37 pm

        Did you warn him, or just publish and let him panic when he saw it? I bet there’s some poor man somewhere whose wife has really admitted to an affair in a blog post rather than being told face to face.

        • Mel
          22/04/2015 / 9:48 pm

          It was really late when I wrote it and I almost woke him up to check he was OK with the title, but he was sleeping soundly so I didn’t tell him. He read it first thing in the morning and emailed me straight away, ha ha!

  11. loraine x
    18/04/2015 / 9:12 pm

    Great post….love you, all paths for a reason etc…

    • Mel
      19/04/2015 / 12:58 am

      Love you, too, ‘She Who Pushed Me To Fulfil my Destiny’! xxx

    • Mel
      19/04/2015 / 12:57 am

      Not half as amazing as you!

  12. Victoria Welton
    19/04/2015 / 5:33 pm

    Pinterest is certainly the one social media account I need to get better grips with. Well done on getting a recommended pinner profile – that is great! I have joined the Days Out Board, thank you for inviting me 🙂 Great to see you on #PoCoLo, thank you for linking x

  13. nikkifrankhamilton
    21/04/2015 / 1:34 am

    What a great love story, I am a sucker for them, lol! I love Pinterest too, I am hooked!

  14. suzanne3childrenandit
    21/04/2015 / 12:31 pm

    I am officially rubbish at Pinterest. That is all!

    • Mel
      21/04/2015 / 1:00 pm

      I am planning to write a series of posts on Pinterest. Check my ‘Children… Days out’ board, lovely. I’m pretty sure there would be loads for you to pin on there. x

  15. maddy@writingbubble
    21/04/2015 / 4:48 pm

    Wow – sounds like you’re a pinterest superstar! I’m not actually on it although, as a visual person, I keep considering joining. I even went as far as opening an account a few weeks ago but realised I didn’t have a clue what to do so I didn’t create any boards or pin anything. I had a quick browse and can see how it could be highly addictive but I cant work out if its worth taking the plunge. I’d be interested to read a post on pinterest tips though! xx (ps popping over from Reneé’s carnival.)

    • Mel
      25/04/2015 / 12:08 am

      You wuld love it, Maddy! I will be writing more about Pinterest soon. x

  16. 21/04/2015 / 9:33 pm

    You’re just a little bit amazing Mel. I haven’t even found the time to go on Pinterest since you messaged me about your new board and my boards are a bit minimal if I’m honest – I tend to get sucked in and spat out hours later – my husband would, literally, assume I was having an affair I think! Will definitely check it out though as I am planning to write a post about a recent day out soon. Xx #thetruthabout

    • Mel
      24/04/2015 / 11:50 pm

      You can link photos from old posts, my lovely, and as many as you like. I remember reading about the boys going to the local park, that scary bike/scooter ride your husband took them on, days out with your parents. All that fits. The idea is to help each other on Pinterest since we repin a contributor’s photo for every pin we add.

  17. awesomeausterity
    21/04/2015 / 10:35 pm

    I love Pinterest for learning about crafting and recipes. I don’t quite know how to tie it in with my blog yet though. I’m really keen to read your tips. Great title too…..

    • Mel
      21/04/2015 / 11:36 pm

      It’s such a great source of inspiration, isn’t it? I just tend to share photos from my posts and make sure the description is detailed enough.

  18. teentweentoddler1
    22/04/2015 / 6:32 pm

    Oh I love this post, brilliant! You’re obviously awesome! p.s I also still write a diary 🙂 x #WotW

  19. 22/04/2015 / 8:07 pm

    I love love love your boards! You’ve done so well with it. I’ll be keeping an eye on you for tips for now on. I hope you’ll invite me to your days out board x

    • Mel
      22/04/2015 / 9:38 pm

      Of course my lovely, invite all sent! Just make sure you follow everyone & repin one of the pins from the board for every one of your pins. We’ve got to share the love! x

  20. 23/04/2015 / 8:06 am

    Wow Mel, nearly 1 million followers is amazing! I’m still getting to grips with Pinterest but can see how it is completely addictive! 🙂

    • Mel
      24/04/2015 / 12:32 am

      It certainly is! I try to limit myself otherwise I’d be on it all day!

  21. 26/04/2015 / 9:37 am

    Fantastic, I just have to say besides all great content in this post I was also laughing out loud 🙂
    Love the ‘totally irrelevant’ pic at the end too – haha – not irrelevant at all x

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