When my friend Rebecca invited me on a pilates retreat in rural Gascony, I couldn’t believe my ears. It sounded too good to be true but I still looked up Domaine du Pignoulet Pilates Retreat… View Post

My four children love books. Ever since they were born, I’ve read to them. When they were babies, they’d stare at the black and white pictures and I’d speak to them about the images. As… View Post

Straight after the school run on Friday morning, I headed towards Loughton to meet my friend Rebecca and review Tom, Dick & Harry’s, a welcoming yet sophisticated new restaurant & bar. The weather was glorious… View Post

Trick or treating is not for everyone. I get that. Halloween was not that big in England until fairly recently. Until I had children, I was not too keen on having random people bang on… View Post

Focusing on the bond between my four month after month after month is absolutely fascinating. I absolutely love switching off completely at the weekend and during holidays so I can observe the bond between these four… View Post