Quick & Easy Quick & Easy Sri Lankan Curry Powder Recipe

With the weather getting colder and colder, we’ve swapped salads and barbecues with soups, stews and curries. My children’s all-time favourite is chicken korma and we tend to have it once a week. I’m now… View Post

Why Eat Organic? 10 Reasons to Choose Organic Food

*This post is sponsored by Organix.* Whenever I talk about trying my best to eat as much organic food as we can afford, I get asked something along the lines of: “Why eat organic food… View Post

Vegan Rocket Pesto with Tagliatelle by Mandy at ‘Cook Veggielicious’ #FeatureMyFoodFridays

We all love pasta at home and would happily eat it two or three times a week. It’s quick and easy to put together a tasty dish, and it’s always a hit with my children. My four… View Post

Snapshots & Scenes from September 2018

Every month, I put together a Snapshots and Scenes video and blog post about the previous month and it’s my favourite thing to do. It all started a few months ago when I first filmed little snippets… View Post

BBQ Pulled Pork by Rebecca at ‘Glutarama’ #FeatureMyFoodFridays

BBQ pulled pork is one of my guilty pleasures. Pulled pork is one of those things I can’t stop eating, no matter how full I am. When it’s cooled down, I keep finding excuses to… View Post