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Punk’d: New Snacks With Attitude by Organix

The weaning journey for each of my four children started with breastmilk mixed with a little Organix baby rice. I found it to be the perfect way to introduce my babies to solid food. By mixing it with the milk they loved so much, it tasted familiar and had a lovely, creamy consistency. Later on, I would use it to thicken ‘runny’ fruit purees like pear or butternut squash and they all loved it. Check my little Crevette (now almost 8 years old!) just about to have his first spoonful of Organix baby rice:

First Baby Rice

I always stuck with Organix for my children’s ready-made treats because they are made with organic ingredients and I have always trusted their ‘No Junk’ promise. They also happen to be delicious and available in my local shops. All my children have grown up with the ‘carrot crisps,’ the rice cakes, the soft oaty bars and the raisins by Organix. They are still the snacks I buy in bulk when going away or having a day out. They are the treats they choose to put in party bags. Crevette, who is almost 8, still packs them for school occasionally.

Organix snacks

Imagine my excitement when a few weeks ago, I was invited to Organix HQ, alongside a select bunch of bloggers. What a privilege! On the way over, I was excited about the secrecy around the meeting. What would it be about? New snacks for my toddler? An exciting new range of flavours maybe? I was also a tad anxious. When you have such a high opinion of a company, you can be bitterly disappointed when you realise they are not as good as you had anticipated. I shouldn’t have worried: Organix were as good as I had imagined. Better still! As soon as I arrived in the vast open-plan working kitchen, I was offered a drink and a moreish organic chocolate cookie. What a perfect way to start a meeting!

Credit: Organix

Photo credit: Organix

I then met Anna Rosier, Managing Director of Organix, and Emily Day, food developer for the children’s healthy snack brand. Let me introduce these two wonderful women before I move on to the amazing snack they unveiled on the day.

Punk’d- New Snacks With Attitude by Organix-secret

Anna is one of those rare people I could listen to for hours. I have a short attention span and tend to drift off within minutes of a speech starting, but Anna grabbed my attention as soon as she opened her mouth, and I was hanging on to every word she said. Before joining Organix 12 years ago, she was part of the corporate world. She was not overly fussed over organic living. She had worked for companies like Coca Cola and Gillette and something clicked when she met Lizzie Vann, who founded Organix in 1992.

Credit: Organix

Photo credit: Organix

Lizzie was a bit of a hippie and campaigner. She wanted food businesses to change things. If they were not going to do it, she would do it herself. Anna caught her passionate bug and has been determined for over a decade to improve the food industry with healthier foods, transparent labelling and wider choice of high-quality, nutritionally rich organic products.

Credit: Organix

Photo credit: Organix

Anna is down-to-earth and passionate about the Organix No Junk Promise. She is far from smug and incredibly modest about the huge difference she is making through her position at Organix. More than that, she is keen for competitors to improve their own ethos and production methods, so that greater choices become available to parents. She is not scared of competitors; she wants them to follow in her footsteps and create snacks that are better and healthier for children, so that parents have a wider scope for choice.

Credit: Organix

Photo credit: Organix

Emily has been developing food for Organix for the past 9 years. She researches, develops and tastes healthy new recipes for children. She is determined to encourage children to grow up with a love of good food so that when they grow up, they are more likely to make healthier choices for themselves.

Credit: Organix

Photo credit: Organix

The food at Organix is created by Emily following a few simple principles:

  • Innovation
  • Flavours children will love
  • No Junk Promise, the stamp of reassurance created by Organic
  • Organic ingredients for the lowest levels of pesticides possible
  • Nothing unnecessary – no additives, no preservatives, no extra ingredients that bulk up the food

New Organix treats generally take 18 months to 2 years to be developed. First of all, ideas are considered, then organic raw materials are sourced. After that comes rigorous testing of the food and its shelf-life as well as a range a food safety assessments. The No Junk Promise defines how they make decisions at Organix. A lot of self-policing defines everything they do. They set themselves standards, and although those standards can be crippling, they are rigorous and worthy of their No Junk Promise. Organix are not just about selling a range of food or being a brand. They campaign and operate like a case study for food businesses. They are living proof to other, bigger businesses that you can make food that is good, organic and healthy and still make money. As parents, we are bombarded by all sorts of information that can be confusing. Most parents expect the food industry to make the changes for them. All they want at Organix is for parents to make the right choices. They are not after keeping it all to themselves. With a bit of trial and error, anyone could recreate Organix snacks at home, since they share their recipes on the back of their packets. How brilliant is that?

Punk’d- New Snacks With Attitude by Organix with other snacks

There are two sides to the challenge we as parents have. We want what is healthiest for our little ones, but our children want fun snacks. Organix have just launched a new range of snacks with attitude that solve that conundrum: Punk’d, the snack food with attitude!

Punk’d- New Snacks With Attitude by Organix in the park

Filipa, Al, Grace and I were the first people to have a try and we immediately found these snacks for older children pretty appealing visually, with their catchy name and bright boxes with pop art influences.

Credit: Organix

Photo credit: Organix

The soft baked bars, packed full of fruit and made with clean ingredients did not disappoint. They have punchier flavours than the soft oaty Goodies bars aimed at younger children, and are definitely ideal for older palates, including mummy’s!

Credit: Organix

Photo credit: Organix

The delicious oaty bars come in two flavours: Cocoa & Orange Crash or Strawberry & Vanilla Smash. They retail at £2 for 6 bars and at the moment, you can order them via Ocado. I have just ordered them in bulk for our holidays.

Which flavour would you try first?

Punk’d- New Snacks With Attitude by Organix



  1. ellie spider
    30/08/2016 / 9:07 pm

    Cocoa and orange for us 😀

  2. Harley Richardson
    30/08/2016 / 9:52 pm

    The cocoa and orange sounds lush

  3. Keeley Shaw
    30/08/2016 / 9:59 pm

    Cocoa and Orange sound lovely

  4. Elissa Gill
    30/08/2016 / 10:36 pm

    Strawberry and vanilla smash sounds great

  5. ipswichmum
    30/08/2016 / 11:08 pm

    Cocoa and orange sound yummy.

  6. Hollie Newton
    30/08/2016 / 11:29 pm

    Cocoa and orange. Nm

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