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Quick & Easy Lunch Idea – an Open Sandwich

I might have mentioned once or twice that I love bread and cheese (OK, ten times at least!). After almost a month in France, gorging on baguette and more cheese than you could imagine, I have been craving crusty bread.

Yesterday, Hubby went shopping and he brought back, amongst other things, flour and cheese. As soon as he was home, the dough for my easy crusty bread was ready to rise. Shortly after it came out of the oven, I treated myself to a slice with cheese. Yum!

Amongst other cheeses, he bought a couple of tubs of the brand new Philadelphia Deliciously Whipped.

I have to say I fell in love with the ‘black & green olives’ one. I have always loved full fat soft cheese. In France, there are lots of varieties, and until now, my favourites were garlic and herbs, walnuts or black pepper. Philadelphia’s black & green olives whipped spread is something else. Seriously. I had the whole tub today (bar one slice of bread with the spread on for Hubby). It tastes absolutely heavenly.

Philadelphia Deliciously Whipped

Hubby and the children preferred the ‘original’ one. Crevette has been really fussy with cheese recently and he will only eat plain soft cheese at the moment (how can he be French and not eat cheese?). The little ones loved it. So did Hubby. He thought the whipped version was lighter and fluffier than the plain Philadelphia cheese we normally get.

For lunch today, I served open sandwiches topped with the whipped spread, Parma ham and fresh chives. It was delicious!

Quick Lunch with No Fuss

What is your favourite quick lunch?

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  1. misplacedbrit
    06/09/2015 / 8:58 pm

    This is just how they eat the sandwiches in Sweden 🙂
    When I first got here I thought it was ridiculously awkward way to eat and sandwich, I know I always make them this way!! …It’s never bad to have more toppings than bread for a ‘light’, even dare I say, slightly ‘healthier’ lunch option 😉

    • Mel
      08/09/2015 / 11:33 pm

      I love an open sandwich, too. It means you’re allowed to eat more, right?

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