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Ray-Ban RB4068 Sunglasses Review | AD

*I was given the sunglasses in return for this blog post. I have included an affiliate link. For more details, scroll to the bottom of the page.*

I’ve had many pairs of sunglasses over the years, from cheap market stall ones to designer sunglasses. None have ever compared to my Ray-Ban RB4068 sunglasses. In fact, the pair I have now is my fourth pair. True story.

My youngest girl and I. I am posing in front of large colourful wings. I am wearing my Ray-Ban RB4068 sunglasses.

My First Pair of Ray-Ban RB4068 Sunglasses

I didn’t really need sunglasses when I bought my first pair but it was spring and pollen was everywhere. I was desperately trying to find a pair of sunglasses that would ‘wrap around’ my face and shield my eyes a bit more than the sunglasses I had at the time. After I spotted the Ray-Ban RB4068 sunglasses, I loved them so much I kept going to different shops and opticians to try them on again and again. I bought my first pair in my local John Lewis after umming and ahhing for days (weeks?). Best decision ever!

Why am I on my 4th pair?

In the blur of my early motherhood days, I broke my first pair by sitting on the sunglasses. Not my finest moment. I lost my next pair whilst trying on swimsuits in a changing room. My last pair? I bought it in January as my own 40th birthday present. A month later, I dropped my lovely sunglasses whilst taking photos of mountains in the Alps.

Selfie of my 4 children and I in the French Alps just before I lost my Ray-Ban RB4068  sunglasses.

No matter how many times I tried to retrace my steps, I could not find them. So when SmartBuyGlasses  offered to send me a pair, I was really happy, especially since pollen was starting to get everywhere.

How good are Ray-Ban RB4068 Sunglasses?

I wear my Ray-Ban RB4068 sunglasses all year long. They are as perfect on the beach as they are in high altitudes. Their versatile style means I’ve worn them for bike rides, at weddings on road trips, at festivals, to go to the beach, for a walk in the park, a long ski run and also every single day on the school run. They are always in my handbag and I wear them every time I drive. I can say without any exaggeration that they are one of my top ten favourite objects ever.

Now you must be wondering why I love these sunglasses so much I keep getting the exact same ones year after year, rather than going for a new style that’s more ‘on trend’ or just a bit different. 

What’s so special about the Ray-Ban RB4068 Highstreet sunglasses?

– The sunglasses offer a full coverage wrap. When you are affected by pollen as much as I am, their shape is a real blessing. 

Me, posing with a pair of Cienta shoes in my hands at the Grove country estate. I am wearing a bright yellow tank top, a dark blue dress and my Ray-Ban RB4068 sunglasses.

– The gradient finish on the lenses is really nice, with a smooth transition from the solid brown at the top to a more see-through shade of the same colour.

– The style of the sunglasses is a timeless classic, so I never get bored of them. 

– They are flattering for all face shapes and sizes. Even my son has worn them a few times.

My eldest, about to go cycling. He is wearing a blue helmet, a blue jumper and my Ray-Ban RB4068 sunglasses.

– There is a polarised lens option, which eliminates glare, increases visual clarity, enhances contrast and reduces eye strain.

– The tortoiseshell frame works with every outfit and hairdo.

– The wrap-around frame means you have a greater protected uninterrupted view.

– The 100% UV filter keeps your eyes safe from ultraviolet light exposure, which is linked to cataracts and other eye issues. Even in strong sunlight, your eyes are protected.

– The quality of the sunglasses is excellent, as you would expect from iconic eyewear brand Ray-Ban.  Are Ray Ban sunglasses worth the price tag? Absolutely!

– No matter how hot and sweaty you get, the glasses don’t slip all over the place.

– What I love most about the Ray-Ban RB4068 is how comfortable and lightweight they are. They offer a snug fit yet you can wear them for hours and hours without feeling pressure on your temples. The sunglasses don’t leave a mark where they rest on my nose either. 

My 4 children and I at Camp Bestival in 2019. We are all pulling faces and standing under a giant rainbow arch. I am wearing my Ray-Ban RB4068 sunglasses and all my children are wearing straw hats. I am carrying my youngest two girls.

I would highly recommend the Ray-Ban RB4068 sunglasses*, with their stylish feel and high-quality design. They are a blessing when driving or when pollen count is high. They also look great whether you’re dressed up or dressed down and protect your eyes no matter the weather.

My 4 children and I aboard a GoBoat in London. I am wearing my Ray-Ban RB4068 sunglasses.

Disclosure: I was gifted a pair of Ray-Ban RB4068 sunglasses in return for this blog post but all photos and opinions are my own. 

*This blog post contains an affiliate link. This means that if you click on a link and go on to buy the pair of sunglasses I recommend, I will get a small commission, but you will not be charged a penny more – thanks in advance!



  1. 12/06/2020 / 8:53 am

    I’m so glad you’ve posted this. I’ve just passed your recommendation on to a friend who suffers from hayfever 😁

    • Mel
      12/06/2020 / 9:45 am

      Getting these sunglasses has been such a help on the school run. I used to get to the gates sneezing uncontrollably, with my nose running like mad and my eyes watering so much I looked like I’d been crying for hours. Much much better with the sunglasses. I occasionally get a tear or two and sneeze, but nothing like it was before the sunglasses came into my life.

  2. 17/06/2020 / 9:37 am

    They suit you so well and are truly the most versatile sunglasses! I think next time I have a “sunglasses accident”, I will definitely have a look at them! Xx

    • Mel
      02/07/2020 / 11:00 pm

      They are my favourites ever!

  3. 17/06/2020 / 5:38 pm

    Oh sweetheart, I remember the day you lost your glasses in France, I wasn’t surprised…you’re a nightmare but I had all fingers and toes crossed you’d retrace your steps and find them. You ALWAYS have your Rays it’s the Mel-look, that and mustard yellow 😉 I’m going to pop off and check that link now because a. I want! and b. Hayfever is a bitch atm

    • Mel
      02/07/2020 / 11:01 pm

      So true! I always wear my sunglasses, even indoors half of the time when pollen is at its worst!

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