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Rotating Toys and Playmobil Play Aera

Playmobil Zip Wire

We rotate toys at home. There are two main reasons why I like to do that, in no particular order:

–          There are five of us (six quite soon!) in a two-bedroom house.

–          Children get bored of their toys.

I do it three or four times a year. The principle is simple: whenever something comes out of the loft, something else has to go up.

Just mentioning rotating toys is like Christmas for my little ones (I am not joking, have a go!). They try to remember what is in the loft and get really excited about the new playing opportunities they are going to get.

For this system to be effective, all of one particular type of toys has to go, for example all the soft toys, all the building blocks, all the Playmobil, all the micro machines, all play food and so on and so forth.

We thought we would get the Playmobil out of the loft a couple of weeks ago as Jumpy (1 year 5 months) is old enough not to swallow them (please do not prove me wrong, baby girl!) and they will have to go back up before our new baby is born in June. For some reason, on the day the Playmobil came out of the loft this time, all Crevette (5 years 8 months) and Beanie (3 years 6 months) did with the tiny little people and their accessories was throw them on the floor and play with the stuff for less than ten minutes.

I wanted to encourage the children to do something with the Playmobil whilst letting them be creative this week and asked them what they wanted to do. Last time it came out of the loft, we made a Playmobil town, complete with a prison, houses, a campsite and had hours of fun all together. This time, after much deliberation, Crevette declared he wanted to make a play area for the Playmobil characters. He wrote a list of things we had to include: trampoline, swimming pool, tunnels and we added zip wire to the mix as well as a ball pit just to make it even more fun.

On Tuesday, we rummaged through cupboards to find as many cardboard boxes as we could as well as bright coloured papers to stick on them so they would be as colourful as everything seems to be in soft play areas.

PVC Glue and Water

On Wednesday, as school was closed for Crevette, we had the whole day to ourselves which was ideal for our little project. Crevette and Beanie spent a couple of hours using PVC glue mixed with water to stick the bright papers to the boxes.

Colourful Paper on Boxes

Jumpy was not left out of the equation. To make sure she was involved but did not get covered in glue, I gave her a similar paintbrush and recipient as her older siblings. The only difference is it only had water in.

Water Painting

She enjoyed water painting for about 15 minutes before she started sucking water out of the brush and then drinking the water out of the small bowl. She was thirsty and her beaker of Neocate was quickly followed by a nap.

Boxes Drying

Crevette drew on the boxes when they were dry. Beanie had lost interest by then and was engrossed in a card game for which she was making up new rules.

Decorating the Boxes

On Saturday morning, as the girls were relaxing with hubby in front of the television, Crevette and I got everything out and applied the finishing touches to the trampoline and made our ball pit using a bowl and foam bits from a parcel.

Playmobil Trampoline

We also put the zip wire together and added food colouring to the water going in the swimming pool and paddling pool. Everything was ready, to Beanie and Crevette’s sheer delight!

Playmobil Swimming Pool

After the children’s swimming lessons, the older two played with their Playmobil play area whist Jumpy was having a short nap, and after dinner, they proudly showed their little sister the little people bouncing, going on the zip wire and the slides. She was laughing and applauding whenever one of the little people was coming down the slide.

Playmobil Play Area

Who needs to spend money on new toys when the novelty can be achieved by a little bit of rotation and imagination?

We did not even buy any of the Playmobil as the majority of it was given to us a couple of years ago by a lovely colleague whose children are now adults and the rest was a birthday present Crevette received last year.

Playmobil Zip Wire and Trampoline


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  1. 15/04/2014 / 5:15 pm

    Absolutely awesome! LOVE it!! We rotate toys too (mainly because things need to be put away to keep tidy and the kids forget what we have) and also because that was how I was trained to keep my classroom! I love bringing new toys out and watching the kids find new ways to play.
    x x

    • Mel
      15/04/2014 / 8:32 pm

      My favourite thing about this system is seeing the joy on their little faces when I say I am going in the loft to get new things out… priceless! x Mel

      • 01/03/2015 / 10:59 pm

        Ooh, we rotate too 🙂
        The kids don’t even remember all the things that’s in the attic! …Which also (hmm) gives me the chance to clear through a few things every once in a while …I did NOT say that out loud!!

        We have 1/2 the soft toys up there at any one time – and that’s still a black bin bag FULL!

        The only flaw in the system is when Miss 7 wants to ‘check’ the attic! Haha, she loves to believe there’d be nothing better than taking them all down and doesn’t really approve of the fact that there are toys of hers ‘hidden away’ from her up there at all. But you only have to take a look at their room – already full to bursting; and they’ve long since stopped playing with their Christmas presents!
        Next weekend. Up it goes 😉

        • Mel
          05/03/2015 / 12:22 am

          Your comment made me laugh. Coincidentally, my little man has been going on (and on, and on) about going in the loft so we could get stuff back. He might spend a very long time looking for the Moshi Monster monstrosity my mum got for him last year… oh well!

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