Shoes: My Hotter Moments (& a Discount)

Shoes, shoes, shoes. I love shoes. I am a shoe addict, a shoeaholic, a shoe collector. Call me crazy, I could not care less. I love shoes, always have, always will. I keep my shoes nicely organised and I really look after them, so I rarely have to part with one of my beloved pairs.


For some reason, my mum always complains about her feet hurting when she is visiting. She is absolutely fine when she is in France, but around here, her feet seem to ‘react’ by becoming sore, hot and prone to blisters. Who knew London had that effect on French feet?

Last year, she had a ‘Hotter Shoe Moment,’ or some sort of epiphany. She spotted my local Hotter Shoes store and spent the best part of an afternoon in there, sitting on a comfy chair and trying on… well, half of the shoes available in the shop. The ladies in there were incredibly patient and managed to get her feet nice and comfortable for the remainder of her stay.

She left the shop with three pairs of shoes: black ones in the style she has always worn (not my kind of shoes, but definitely a timeless style for mum), a pair of walking shoes for her trip to the Canary Islands and a comfy pair of lightweight casual shoes. She had never felt that comfortable in her shoes and she was a happy bunny!

A few weeks later, I took my auntie and my nan to the shop and they both found ta couple of pairs each.  I have been jealous of my auntie’s pretty wedges ever since. I tried on a pair as well on that day, but I really could not justify buying another pair of shoes, no matter how much I loved them!

Tonight, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Watford Store to find out more about Hotter Shoes and their autumn winter collection, alongside fellow bloggers Mary-Kate, Stephanie, Laura, Carolynne and Afra. We were treated to some delicious food and were looked after by Mel, Jenni and the team at the store.


photo credit: Mummy’s Zone

It all started in 1959. They were making slippers then. Now, they make shoes that are as comfortable as slippers! Every single pair of shoes features cushioning, flexibility, lightness and wiggle room. They also have half sizes and a range of width fittings. It makes such a difference when you have to be on your feet all day!

Before the event, I had browsed their website to give myself an idea of which shoes I fancied trying, and I was pretty sure I would go for the Mystery boots in black.

When faced with so much choice in store, I tried on quite a few more pairs before I made up my mind. It really was a tough decision.


The Petula shoes in red were just perfect for me. As soon as I slipped them on, I could see myself wearing them every day. I was torn. I really wanted some boots.


In the end, the beautiful Mystery Boots in tan stole my heart. These will without the shadow of a doubt become a staple in my wardrobe, with my new Carolina Purse in light olive.



Here is a discount code the lovely people at Hotter Shoes thought you might like: Code: PQBTPD

T&C’s – £10 off plus FREE delivery is for first orders only. You are entitled to £10 off the total order value of any full priced items in the Hotter range (excluding shoe care products) plus FREE delivery.  This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer or on Sale or Factory Clearance items and gift vouchers. Expires 29/1/17.

Disclosure: I was invited to the event in Hotter Shoes Watford and gifted a pair of shoes and handbag of my choice (details above) as well as renovating cream for my new boots, but I was not asked to write a blog post about it all. I just had such a great evening I wanted to share it all with you. 


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  1. Viv'Maman_Bas
    21/09/2016 / 10:48 am

    What a timely post! I desperately need new shoes and I am really fussy. I didn’t know this shop! I’m going to give it a try!

    • 21/09/2016 / 11:40 am

      If you’re looking for comfy shoes, then Hotter is for you! My new boots are definitely going to get worn a lot in autumn!

  2. 21/09/2016 / 12:25 pm

    I would have been torn too, I’m a major shopaholic! Good choice with the tan boots, though. Perfect for autumn 🙂

    • 23/09/2016 / 11:55 pm

      Thanks lovely. I’m glad I went for these gorgeous boots!

  3. Eva
    27/09/2016 / 8:07 am

    Tu as an incroyable collection! Je doit reconnaitre que j’aime bien acheté des chaussures l’été : des baillarines, des sandales, des espadrilles…mais l’hiver, je pourrais aller avec le même pair tout le temps! Je suis plutôt une “sac addict”! xx

    • 30/09/2016 / 6:32 pm

      Moi, j’adore les chaussures en toutes saisons, he he! J’aime beaucoup les sacs aussi!

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