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Three Months Already!

Wriggly has only been with us for three months, yet I can barely remember life without her. It feels like she has always been part of our family. I absolutely love writing my monthly update; it is such a special way to remember all the quirky things the little ones do and keep track of their development.


Wriggly (3 months)

Wriggly - 3 months - Smiling in her Sleep

  • You went to your first ever festival (BlogStock) and you were a superstar baby!
  • You have started giggling in your sleep. It is adorable!
  • You have had your biggest growth spurt yet, feeding non-stop for a couple of days.
  • You are still smiling a lot, and have just started laughing.
  • You snore… a lot!
  • You have met your two French great-grandmothers.
  • You are getting an upset tummy whenever I drink champagne… or maybe it was the mammoth quantities of cheese I was eating when we were in France.

Jumpy (1 year 10 months)

Jumpy loves shoes

  • You are obsessed with footwear and keep putting on everyone and anyone’s shoes.
  • As soon as we put you to bed, you take your nappy off. It can get messy.
  • During our holidays to France, you started galloping instead of walking.
  • You have the biggest grin at the moment (showing all your teeth) and you make our hearts melt.
  • When we got to the till at the supermarket in France, you bounced on the spot so much that your (very heavy) nappy fell on the floor. We found it hilarious, but the other customers did not, judging by their looks. Oh well!
  • You are getting really confident on the scooter.


Beanie (3 years 11 months)

Beanie - sous chef

  • You are so full of life! You are enthusiastic about everything and make the most of every situation.
  • After over an hour listening to a historian in a museum, you pulled my sleeve and declared, “It’s not boring. We never went here before. I’m not bored, maman!” You sounded like you were trying to convince yourself, really.
  • You spent lots of time with your Mamie (nan) in France and were such a good little sous chef!
  • On the way back from our holidays, when we were on the ferry and I spoke to you in French, you declared: “You don’t have to speak French anymore.” When I asked you why, you replied: “Because we’re in English now!


Crevette (6 years 1 month)

Crevette - Tooth

  • Your French is getting better and better. You make cute mistakes, using English syntax and your knowledge of French to say new things like “je trouvé le là”. (I found it there).
  • You lost your first tooth during our holidays and I am glad you experienced the whole thing ‘the French way’: putting your tooth under a glass in the kitchen and hoping ‘la petite souris’ (the little mouse) would hide your tooth and leave a little present there. She did come and was rather generous (4 euros)!
  • You spent most of your time in France bonding with your tontons (uncles).
  • You are now in Year 2. You are so grown up!



  • I have felt a lot more like myself and have relaxed a lot, letting go of what does not matter, feeling a lot less cranky and a lot more patient!
  • I finally managed to develop a recipe for ‘free from’ muffins for all of us to enjoy! That is a huge achievement and I am really happy about it!
  • I sorted out the children’s keepsakes. It was a messy affair, but it was lovely looking at all the cards we received for them when they were born, for their birthdays, leafing through their special books from pre-school, looking at their first locks of hair, comparing the size of their hands and feet now to the tiny prints we have.
  • We all had a great time in France, catching up with family and friends, spending our days chatting and eating.
  • My brother and his gorgeous girlfriend are expecting a baby girl for January. It got me all emotional!
  • My nan turned eighty and we had quite a few family gatherings.
  • We all went to ‘la Cave du Dragon’, a First World War museum and pretty much spoilt the tour for everyone else. There were seven children under seven in our group. Need I say more?
  • I saw my friend Adeline and her family twice. Gosh I miss her…
  • The girls have now resumed their weekly swimming lessons and it has been great having that one-to-one time with each one of them again.

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  1. 19/09/2014 / 12:40 pm

    This is the first time I’ve looked at your blog and I love it! Also loved this post. French is such a romantic language, I’d love to learn. Italian is on my list first though! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

    • Mel
      28/09/2014 / 3:43 pm

      It is so sweet of you to say that about my blog, thanks! I love it when my little ones say new words in French. They sound so cute!

  2. 20/09/2014 / 1:49 am

    This is such a perfect way to record all those little details that mean so much. Sounds like you have such a beautiful family. You’re so blessed. #binkylinky

    • Mel
      26/09/2014 / 11:23 pm

      Thanks, Lorna. I feel really blessed indeed.

  3. Nicky at Bee and the Bluebells
    20/09/2014 / 10:16 pm

    Lovely post. I’m glad to have found your blog as we are raising our daughter bilingually. My husband is from Switzerland and only speaks to her in French. It is amazing to see her little brain working in both languages! #binkylinky

    • Mel
      26/09/2014 / 11:18 pm

      I am glad you found us, too! I love it when my little ones speak French.

    • Mel
      28/09/2014 / 8:38 pm

      It is, isn’t it? Time just speeds up from the day you give birth for the first time.

  4. 24/09/2014 / 9:41 pm

    What a gorgeous way to keep hold of the memories of your family in one post, love how relaxed and happy you are feeling and your brood are just beautiful! Congrats to your brother, wow emotional time indeed! LOVED this post so much, will you adopt me and make me free from muffins too please! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

    • Mel
      26/09/2014 / 1:03 am

      We would adopt you any day, lovely, but I am not sure you would enjoy sharing a room with my four little monkeys! I bet they would love it, though!

  5. BakedPotato Mummy
    25/09/2014 / 11:00 pm

    A really lovely update on your family. I really smiled at the idea of wriggly giggling and snoring in her sleep and Jumpy’s nappy falling off!
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky

    • Mel
      26/09/2014 / 1:58 pm

      Thanks lovely. Every single time I think of that nappy falling off, I giggle!

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