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Easy Christmas Cards: Thumbprint Reindeer & Snowmen

We are quite partial to a bit of thumbprint artwork around here. It is easy, effective, requires no skill at all and the little blobs take shape with just a few straight or curved lines.

What I love most about it is that if you make a thumbprint drawing as a family every year, you will see your little ones’ prints grow year after year.

Last year, we made thumbprint reindeer. They took minutes to make and all we used was a piece of card, a brown inkpad, a black pen and a red pen. We each made thumbprint on the card with ink. I then drew the antlers, eyes and noses. Crevette was really proud to draw his own. We each wrote our name underneath, with just a few pen marks for Jumpy. Here they are, without our names:

Thumbprint Art - Reindeers

This year, we went for thumbprint snowmen using finger paints. Hubby does not even ask questions anymore. One evening, as he was just walking through the door, I told him to come to the kitchen so I could paint his thumb. I applied the paint with a brush, pressed his thumb on the card. As this was happening, he simply ignored what was going on and proceeded to tell me about his day. Oh dear, he is getting used to this madness, isn’t he?

We each made three thumbprints for the snowmen.

Thumbprint Art - Snowmen - Getting Started

The children used cotton buds to make snowflakes.

Thumbprint Art - Snowmen - Cotton Bud Snowflakes

Crevette, Beanie and Hubby customised their snowmen; I did the other three and we gave them our names.

Thumbprint Art - Snowmen - Drawing

We made three different versions of this on the same day, but this one is my favourite.

Thumbprint Art - Snowmen
We have also made bunnies and chicks on Easter cards in the past. The children do not need much prompting or step-by-step instructions. It is a nice and easy activity and they love getting creative with their little blobs.


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