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We Love WaterWipes

One Monday morning, I had three wipes left. Seriously, three wipes. I counted. How did that happen?

Running out of wipes is not an option when you have a house full of little people.

Luckily, karma (OK, the postman) knocked on my door to deliver a huge parcel of WaterWipes that very morning! We were sent a month’s supply for our fairly large family: 12 packs of 60 wipes, 10 small packs to put in my handbag for days out and 4 packs of make-up removal wipes.

That made my day! It did. Really!

We Love WaterWipes

This sad realisation got me thinking about how much I use wipes. I use them as wipes (yes, really!), tissues, wall art remover (by that, read kids’ graffiti in the living room), stain remover on clothes, screen cleaner for my phone or laptop. I find wipes perfect to quickly clean the bathroom sink, hob, car as well as anything and everything my children’s sticky hands have touched.

WaterWipes - out & about

After I managed to clean dried red felt tip marks on my living room wall with cheap, value wipes from my local supermarket, I started wondering what harsh chemicals might be contained in wipes I was using on my children’s skin.

On our first visit to the dermatology department, Jumpy’s eczema was at its worst and her allergies had not been diagnosed yet. The dermatology nurse advised me to avoid wipes at all costs. I must have started hyperventilating at that point. She added that if I could not do without wipes (who could?), WaterWipes, approved by Allergy UK, were the only natural baby wipes that would be safe on my little girl’s delicate skin.

She gave me a sample. I found WaterWipes thicker than regular wipes, much softer and really moist. Despite the fact they were more expensive than wipes I had bought before, I was using five or six times less than before, and I was not damaging further Jumpy’s sore eczematous skin. WaterWipes are the only chemical-free wipes and contain 99.9% purified water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. That is it! Nothing else!

With my first three babies, I followed the midwives’ advice to only use water for the first eight weeks but when I had Wriggly in June, I only used the cotton and cooled boiled water method for two days only before I moved on to WaterWipes. They are such good quality, you use a lot less. I average about a pack and a half for Wriggly each week.

When Wriggly was four months old, we stopped using WaterWipes and eco nappies. We started using ‘value’ wipes and nappies from the supermarket. After two weeks, my little girl’s bottom was so raw that I got washable nappies out of the airing cupboard and bought a few more packs of WaterWipes. I did not use anything else. It took a week to get rid of the nappy rash but it certainly worked.

I could not recommend WaterWipes highly enough. They are the best wipes I have ever used.


I am a busy mum and I have used make-up removal wipes as an alternative to a good cleansing routine on busy work nights, but I have never really felt my skin was completely clear of make-up or as clean as when using make-up remover and cotton wool followed by face wash. WaterWipes facial wipes are different. They have a really clean feel and I was won over as soon as I used the first one.

– I was sent WaterWipes for the purpose of this review. No payment was received. All opinions and photographs are my own.


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