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Chorizo Pasta

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes


  • 400 g fusilli pasta
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 garlic clove crushed
  • 1 onion diced
  • 180 g cubed chorizo 1cm max
  • 1 400 g can chopped tomatoes with 1 added teaspoon sugar and ½ a tablespoon dried mixed herbs to reduce the acidity of the tomatoes
  • Salt and black pepper to taste


  1. Fill your kettle and boil whilst getting all the ingredients ready and chopped.
  2. Cook the pasta in a large saucepan of salted water.
  3. In the meantime, make the sauce. In a frying pan, warm up the oil on a high heat for a minute then add the onion and crushed garlic. Let them soften for two minutes, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon so they do not burn and add the diced chorizo.
  4. Give it five minutes to get crispy and release its oil, stirring from time to time. Add the chopped tomatoes (with the sugar and herbs), stir, cover and reduce the heat.
  5. Before draining the pasta, take out a cup of the cooking water. You can add it to the sauce if you find it too thick.
  6. Add the cooked pasta to the sauce. Keep on the heat and stir well before serving and seasoning.
  7. Enjoy!

Recipe Notes

This dish is enhanced if you serve it with a nice glass of red wine. If you are thinking of sticking to a Spanish theme, a Rioja would be perfect.

If you or your guests are allergic to wheat, eggs or Coeliac, use ‘Free From’ pasta and you have yourself a free from dinner!

The sauce can be made the day before and stored in the fridge. The chorizo will infuse further and the sauce will be even tastier!

I tend to mix the sauce in the cooked pasta before serving, but when I have friends over for dinner, I just add the sauce on top of the pasta for a more presentable meal.